Hadrill & Horstmann 'Pluslite' Lamp

This fabulous lamp was manufactured by British makers Hadrill & Horstmann in the 1950s, and is a highly coveted design. Originally designed as a map reading lamp, it features an articulated magnifying lens, the iconic roller counterbalance mechanism, and the factory finish grey paintwork. This lamp will look simply stunning in any setting, we are secretly hoping nobody will buy it so we can sneak it into our own home!

Established after WW2, Hadrill & Horstmann created some of the most memorable and innovative lights of the 20th century. H&H lamps are defined by a unique barrel-weighted counterbalance mechanism, and were affectionately known as ‘rollers’. Early lamps such as the ‘Touchlite’ were simple counterbalance designs, popular with housewives due to their affordability and pastel colours. the 1950s saw the early models evolve into the ‘roller’ designs, including the rare ‘Pluslite’ models. In 1956 Simms, an automotive manufacturers, acquired the company and produced a series of new electrical goods based on the roller design known as the ‘Simplus’ range.   


The item may have some wear, including scratches / marks, in keeping with it’s age – please review the photos carefully and contact us for more information prior to purchase if this is of concern to you.


Height: 50cm / Width: 60cm / Depth: 16cm (adjustable)

Availability: 1 in stock

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